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The Desktop Icon

What is covered in this topic?
a) What is the Desktop?
b) Types of Folders
c) Types of Apps
d) Types of Packages
e) Types of Viruses & Worms
f) The Shop, BlackBits & Purchases
i) Miscellaneous

The Desktop
What is the Desktop?
The Desktop is the first icon on the left hand side of the game, located directly under your accumulated HackCoins. It contains many tools you will be working with throughout the course of the game. It is best to understand the Desktop and how it works, if you are to become a Top Hacker on the Leaderboards.
Types of Folders
There are many distinct types of folders when you first open the Desktop. There are 9 major folders that you should be aware of when needed:
apps folder
This folder contains stored apps either bought or gifted. (Note: More about apps will be covered later on this tutorial in section (c) of this article.)
packages folder
The packages folder contains Daily, YouTube Subscriber or Unknown Packages. (Note: More about specific packages will be discussed in section (d) of this tutorial.)
purchases folder
The purchases folder contains many of the packages and apps (but not all) bought from the Store. (Note: More about the Store and Purchases will be covered in section (f) of this tutorial.)
help folder
This folder contains certain information about recovering passwords for login, guilds, miners and the use of bounces in the game. It is suggested that one should read these help topics for vital information concerning these topics.
social folder
The social folder contains links to social media outlets concerning the game. Remember to friend us on Facebook, subscribe to our YouTube and Reddit feeds, follow us on Twitter, make a Telegram account and of course register here on our Forum page if you haven't done so already.
competitions folder
This folder contains various competitions that will earn you free BlackBit if you happen to win. Make sure to periodically check this folder to check if open competitions are available for your chance to win big.
tutorial folder
The tutorial folder may be the best folder to gain insight on the games basic mechanics. If you prefer watching YouTube videos rather than reading tutorials then this is the place for you to visit.
system folder
The systems folder is a special folder that sometimes gets overlooked. It contains 3 directories to certain apps:,, & The has two tabs: Account and Other. In the 'Account' tab, one can switch to the Alpha development server (not recommended) or Live Server. It also contains a link to verify your email. You MUST verify your email if you wish to chat or recover your password if you happen to forget your login details. The 'Other' tab contains a link to share with your friends. By sharing the game, you are rewarded 200 BlackBits once your friend reaches 500 rep. There is also a setting in the 'Other' tab to alter how many chat lines you can view. The default is set at 100 lines but you can change this to a minimum of 10 if you are experiencing lag. You can also increase the chat lines if you deem it to be necessary.
bots folder
This folder contains the created bots which are manufactured by the Bot Creator. Bots are created to DDoS guilds. (Note: More on Bot Creator and bots will be covered in section (c). More about guilds will be found in section (g) of this article.) 
Types of Apps
There are a few different types of apps that you should become familiar with, if you are to be an Ultimate Hacker. In Group A, 2 apps are apparent when you first start the game and can be found in the Shop under the Packages tab. Another special type of app can be found by your AI after hacking that is 	also associated with Group A. With Group B, 3 other apps are housed in the Shop in the Apps section.
Group A
 (Note: Group A apps can be found under the 'Packages' Tab in the Shop (with exception to the Instant Upgrade Algorithms). These apps are used only one time and they delete themselves afterwards.)
AI Remote Log
The first one to get familiar with is the '' which is also called other names such as the '' or''. This app may have a variety of names but they all work the same. The purpose of this app is to remotely delete your left behind logs on other players Firewall Logs. This app is extremely useful if you happen to get yourself Blacklisted. This app can be used by opening up the Apps folder and executing the app. It can only be used one time.
IP Changer
Another app to get familiar with is the ''. This app is similar to the aforementioned '' in that comes in a variety of names, can only be used one time, is found in the Shop under the packages tab, and is housed in the Apps folder. Like its name implies, it is used to change your IP if it happens to get leaked and spread around the game. You can NOT use this app if you have used your password cracker within a day span. After 24 hours, you can change your IP and become a ghost to other players. Just be careful. This app isn't cheap and should only be used if you are being constantly bombarded by other players.
Instant Upgrade Algorithms
Instant Upgrade Algorithms (IUA) are only found by your AI after a hack. These apps can NOT be bought in the Shop. The IUAs are used to boost specific Software stats such as the upgrades the Firewall by V0.1. IUAs become more apparent the higher your AI Version is. Some players have found that Version 10.0 and 20.0 offer substantial boosts in finding these upgrades. Nevertheless, the key to finding IUAs comes down to 4 major points: AI Version, Luck, Persistence, and Timing. To give yourself a better chance at finding IUAs, make sure to hack every 10 minutes. (Note: Not all IUA's are found as .app, the Password Cracker is in fact a.pkg and is found under the name up_passcrack.pkg.)
Group B
 (Note: Group B apps are found in the 'Apps' Tab in the Store. There are 2 subgroups to Group B apps: Time Based and Unlimited Use)
Subgroup I (Time Based Apps)
Bot Creator
The is a special type of app used for manufacturing bots to perform DDoSing of guilds. It has a life cycle of 7 days but unlimited bots can be produced in this time. The bot creator is only useful if the purchaser is in a guild. Bots can NOT be created without being in a guild. Furthermore, DDoSing may not occur if you are not in a guild. (Note: This is important to know because the University mission typically requires a DDoSing of a guild in order to obtain the Data Admin's IP address.) After purchase, the bot creator can be found in the apps folder. In order to use the bot creator, you must first know the guild database IP by obtaining the encrypted IP from a guild's leader and the decryption key from the guild's co-leader. Once the guild database has been decrypted you can put the IP in the by executing it. After the bot has been created, a new folder will appear called the bots folder. In order to make use of the newly created bot, you must copy the bot from this folder and place in a victim's etc/bin folder.
Watch Dog 
The is another special type of app that alerts you to an attacker's presence. This app has a life cycle for 14 days. After purchase, this app can be found in your etc/bin folder and does NOT need any further action to work. If your IP is leaked, then this app will aid in deciphering who is attacking you in real time. (Note: This app only works if you are online.) 
Subgroup II (Unlimited Use)
Auto miner collect
The automatically collects your accumulated HackCoins when you log onto the game. It is a one time purchase (unless a bug occurs, a server rollback or if it is somehow deleted). This can be found in your etc/bin/apps folder after purchase.
Types of Packages
Unknown/ Random Packages
Like their name's suggest Unknown or Random Packages are completely unknown and random. They are found in the packages folder. They can be Instant Upgrade Algorithms, IP Changers, HackCoin Packages, Instant 100 HackCoins or nothing at all (aka Sand). There is a difference between how you will see one or the other however. Unknown packages are found by your AI after a Hack much like Instant Upgrade Algorithms. They are found as 5xUnknown Packages after a hack. Random Packages are gifts obtained by purchasing Blackbits. (Note: More will be discussed about BlackBits in section (f) of this article.)
YouTube Subscriber Packages 
Every time there is a new YouTube subscriber to the Hackerz' YouTube feed, you will receive a YouTube_Subscribers.pkg. It contains 1000 HackCoins and is found in the packages folder.
Daily Packages
Daily Packages may come in an assortment of rewards. The more days you spend consecutively logging on, the higher the reward. After 30 days you will encounter the more_than_30_days.pkg. This is the current penultimate Daily package that contains 10 BlackBits and 100k HackCoins every day after 30 days. Nevertheless, if you happen to miss a day, you will have to start over at Daily Package 1.
HackCoin Packages
There are two types of HackCoin Packages. The first type can be found by your AI after a hack and come in a variety of forms, e.g. 50k, 1million, and even 10x1million, and are found in the packages folder. The second type are bought from the Store in the 'Packages' Tab and are found in the purchases folder after purchase. There are 500k and 5million HackCoin packages that can be bought using BlackBits.
VIP Packages
There are two types of VIP Packages that can be bought: Gold Crown & Pink Flower. The only difference between the two are your username color in chat. If you choose Gold, when you type a message in chat, your name will lead with a crown and be gold. Likewise, the Pink VIP will be pink and lead with a flower. They can be found in the 'Packages' Tab in in the Shop. VIP Packages will always be found in the purchases folder after purchase. (Note: When you buy BlackBits there are certain packs that contain both Gold and Pink VIP Packages in them.) 
Types of Viruses and Worms
(***Special Note*** In the future, Viruses will be able to be made via the cr and will tether to the level of the SDK. A victim's AntiVirus will need to be lower than cr the Virus was made from in order to work properly. Otherwise, the Virus will be deleted automatically.)
All Viruses and Worms can be bought in the 'Viruses' Tab in the Shop. The names are pretty self explanatory for the viruses and worms listed. For redundancy's sake, this section will attempt to disclose all pertinent facts. After purchasing, all Viruses and worms can be found in the purchases folder in the Desktop. In order for any Virus or Worm to work, you must copy it and place in a victims etc/bin. As of now, all Viruses & Worms are time based, meaning that they expire so many days after purchase. (Note: To see if a Virus or Worm is NOT expired, open the Virus or Worm and click 'Execute App'. If it does NOT say it expired, deleted or corrupted, then it is active and can be placed in victim's ect/bin folder.)
Subgroup I (3 Day Visible)
Delete Logs
The 3 day Delete Log Virus has a life cycle of 3 days (from the time of purchase) and can be manually deleted from a users etc/bin folder. This virus deletes Firewall Logs of a victim. It is useful to cover up bounce trails, making it nearly impossible for users to manually trace you.
Delete History
The 3 day Delete History Virus has a life cycle of 3 days (from the time of purchase) and can be manually deleted from a users etc/bin folder. This virus is nasty in that it deletes all stored IPs.<br />
Subgroup II (1 Day Invisible)
Delete History
The 1 day Delete History Virus works the same way as its 3 day counterpart, in that it deletes all stored IPs. The difference between the two is that the 1 day virus is invisible to a victim, meaning the victim can <strong>NOT</strong> delete it.(***Special Note*** To help mitigate against History viruses, make sure to backup all your IPs on a piece of paper or third party software.)
(Note: All worms are invisible to a victim meaning the victim can NOT delete them.)
Subgroup III (5 Day)
Take 3% of collected HC
The takes 3% of HackCoins from whenever any miner is collected. It has a life cycle of 5 days from the time of purchase.
5) Take 7% of collected HC
The takes 7% of HackCoins from whenever any miner is collected. It has a life cycle of 5 days from the time of purchase.
Subgroup IV (14 Day) Take 8% of collected HC
The takes 8% of HackCoins from whenever any miner is collected. Unlike its counterparts, it has a life cycle of 14 days from the time of purchase.
 (***Special Note*** Make sure to have roughly 20-25 seconds inside a gateway to place a worm or else you might get BLACKLISTED
The Shop, BlackBits and Purchases
Shop Tabs
There are 5 tabs in the Shop: Packages, Apps, Viruses, Hardware, &amp; Gateways. Please note that the 'Gateways' Tab is currently empty at this time. This article has covered what is located in the first 3 tabs up to this point. The 'Hardware' Tab currently has two types of miners that can be bought. There is the regular miner found on default gateways, and there is the advanced miner that mines twice as fast as the regular miner. (Note: Advanced miners upgrade to a max level of 18 and hold 338,372 HackCoins when full. This offers a significant advantage compared to the regular miner that upgrades to a max level of 16 and can only hold up to 125,000 HackCoins.)
How to obtain BlackBits
BlackBits are premium currency that can be used to automatically upgrade software. There are five ways to obtain BlackBits. The first way is to login daily. At certain points, BlackBits will be given as Daily rewards. Particularly, 10 BlackBits will be earned every day after 30 consecutive days of logging on. The second way to obtain BlackBits is by referring the game to a friend which is covered in section (b.8) of this article. The third way is by being in the top 100 of the weekly Leaderboard. You may earn up to a maximum of 1000 BlackBit if you are Weekly #1 on the Leaderboard. The fourth way to earn BlackBit is by competing and winning competitions. More about competitions can be found in section (b.6) of this article. The final way to obtain BlackBits is by purchasing them with Fiat currency through the Google PlayStore, In order to do this, you must click the "+" symbol to the right of BlackBits (and to the left of Rep) on top of the game's User Interface.
Where is my Purchase?
There are 3 locations where your purchase may be located. Most purchases are directed either to the purchases folder or apps folder. In special cases, a purchase may be located in your etc/bin folder. This article has taken steps to outline where a purchase may arrive so make sure to look over this article for a specific purchase you are trying to locate.
(***Special Note***In order to create or join a guild, you must have a minimum of 500 rep.)
The has two tabs. The first tab is 'My Guild' and used to create a new guild or view your existing guild. Once a part of a guild, it covers everything from your members list to finance (not implemented yet), to guild requests to join. (Note: Only Guild Leaders have the ability to accept or kick members.) The second tab is called Guilds Net and is used to search guilds of the game by prefix.   (Example: Type ANA to find Adromeda guild.)
There are five subsections to viewing a guild:
Members Count
Is the amount of members in a guild. (Note: Only a max of 10 members per guild.)
DDoS Mitigation
This is how difficult it is to take down a guild based on 10% of a guilds total rep
Bandwidth util
This is the amount of damage inflicted on a guild
Guild Leader
I think you can guess this one.
Minimum Rep
This is the amount of rep required to submit a request to join based on 80% of the average guild rep.
The is under development but rumor has it that it will create the ability to send viruses, trojans, backdoors, files, &amp; IPs. It will also be used as a dedicated private messaging app in game. 
The Desktop has a link to the Local File Manager via the File The Local File Manager is comprised of 4 different folders: home, etc, tmp, &amp; var. The home folder contains a link-back folder to the Desktop, in addition to, a Downloads folder and a Secure folder (if you happen to ever be a lead or co-lead of a guild). The etc folder contains the bin folder. The tmp folder is a temporary location for managing encrypted files and decryption keys. The var folder contains the log folder and the message.txt. The message.txt is also known as your var message or your greeting message to would be hackers attempting to crack your Firewall.
Notes.txt is a simple tool to write down notes (or stories to pass around as some people have done). The notes.txt can be copied for additional notes.txt or can be deleted and forever lost.
The chat_rules.html documents the rules of the in game chat. Make sure to read this to get familiar with the chat. For redundancy's sake we will list the Chat Rules here and attempt to update them as new rules are added:
***Chat Rules (or get blocked)***
-No Swearing or adult talks or real hacking talks
-No IPs/ Asking for IPs or Passwords
-No Spamming/ CAPS/ Advertising
-No Random Texts/ Trying Commands
-No Hate. Fights, toxic behavior and hate speech will be blocked immediately
-No religious talks, no discrimination, no racism. Those will grant a permaban from chat.
 -GLOBAL chat is ENGLISH ONLY. If you want to speak in your language, please switch to your country room
 ***Read RULES, be friendly and have fun!***

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