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Welcome to the tactical introduction,

This time I will start at the very beginning, as questions about leveling the hardware have often arisen.

The September update changed a lot, but as far as I can tell after the few days of playing, it was clearly to the advantage. 
The entry has now been slowed down a lot, so be patient at the beginning and think again.

Have fun reading, testing and winning.

The tools that the developer has made available to us are constantly being expanded and, if necessary, adapted. 
Is that stopping us?

With nieces, because there is a way for EVERYTHING to the desired goal.

EXACTLY, this attitude is the very first thing you have to have. 
Have fun solving situations out of it. 
For one or the other of you, however, it is important to be careful and not to slip into tension. 
Try to find a balance between healthy aggressiveness and moderate relaxation. 
I am aware that I am asking for very difficult things, but what is the beginning? !!!

OK, now you should have the right attitude towards the situation and we can start slowly. 
: mrgreen:

The greatest possible efficiency is very important to me. 
when it comes to dealing with 
black bits "BB" . 
you can buy 
Hackcoins "HC" ,
HC . 
BB would be a waste and you reduce the achievable goal. 
I hope after this guide you will understand how this is meant. 
: mrgreen:
That would be the first important tactical tip. 
Even if you can now say, "I can buy more."

There is a limit for purchases and thus there is a limit and in turn a maximum in the purchase of 
BB is set. 
However, I do not want to go any further here, because otherwise we would easily lose our way and slide from the tactical into the philosophical.

Unfortunately, the current ranking aims at a tactically only partially relevant but above all not very meaningful value. 
In a way it is appropriate but the essential thing that you should remember next is that the reputation has little meaningfulness about a player.

I will clarify that a little.

We have a player who 
his account wildly with 
BB .

Another player who has been playing for a long time and regularly gets rep farmed, as well as an additional player who has used all his tactics (OFF / DEFF / VD) accordingly.

Those 3 players can have the same 
rep and there are a hell of a lot of choices between players.

If you try to build your reputation right away, it will be difficult very quickly, because with increasing rep you will become interesting for higher players. 
A player can loot your miners if your 
rep is 25% that of the attacker. 
At 75-100% you lose 1 
rep if the loot is successful. 
From 100% you lose 2 
rep for each successful attack.

As a result of this systematic, some high level players have deliberately reduced their rep to 1-2k rep. 
It would not make sense to give names now for at least two reasons. 
On the one hand the nicks can be changed and on the other hand I don't want to give these people the fame of being named in the guides. 
The latter is the decisive factor for me. 
You will surely recognize the nicks quickly or in case of doubt you can also ask in the chat.

As long as you have not fully expanded the hardware and the software is not at a level of at least 5, reputation should not play a role. 
By expanding the hardware, you will get a reputation very quickly and the software, which is a bit of secondary importance at the beginning, will also give you 
Consider this phase as a small journey through the evolution of the computer from the small LCD game to the Game Boy, Atari, C64, Amiga 500, the first 286s, 386s up to the 486s and supercomputers. 
Yes, OK, I'm already dreaming of the quantum computer: MrGreen:

How should the hardware be expanded

So don't 
be surprised if your CPU 5 does not yet provide a satisfactory crack time. 
That is completely normal and logical. 
The computing power of the CPU has the greatest influence on the crack time at the beginning. 
You don't want to drive a car with an engine that sounds like a biscuit saw, or are there such specialists? 
* Comparison is limited to internal combustion engines! *

CPUhas top priority until it is fully developed and should ideally be permanently upgraded.

Since I do not recommend hacking other players on the first day, the 
miner is not entirely unimportant.

This should 
always come after the 
CPU with 
RAM and the 
NET . 
RAM and 
NET have very little effect on crack time. 
RAM allows you to bounce. 
I recommend reading my other guide so that you don't make the same mistakes as almost all beginners. 
These leak your IP in the first few hours and thus have a chronic lack of money, as they are farmed by many.

Have patience and she will come back with you.

Until the hardware is fully developed, you should ideally not have forgotten to delete an IP.

I think we can turn to the crucial point of the game after the short digression.

We come to the sanctuary of every hacker, the software

AI has now been completely rebuilt with the update. 
At the moment I am not quite sure which position she will take depending on the class.

It shortens the time for software updates and helps you to crack the password faster.

The former is generally important for everyone, especially when the times for updates are no longer measured in hours, but in days.

The latter is logically required for the offensively oriented classes.

AI sniffs the gateway with a cool down of 10 minutes after a hack and will throw you between 0-4 packets.

You can hope for the following things from the sniffs.

Common Package

You have a 80% drop chance on this. 
The content is a small amount of 
HC .

So far I have received a maximum of small two- to three-digit values, so don't hope for a fortune from them.

HC automatically sorts your assets.

Rare Packages

The drop chance here is 10%, but you can expect more.

These contain money of 1k-5k 

In addition, 
BB and / or Notes with IPs.

So far I've only ever received 1 BB.

The IP's are players who are in the missions. 
Guild leaders and co-leaders have nothing to fear of being leaked through this system.

Unique Packege

Here we come to one of the two coveted packages. 
The drop chance is quite manageable at 1%, but the content is not to be despised.

You will receive an amount of 10k-50k 
HC credited 

There is also the possibility of a 
WD , a 
Wanna Cry Virus , a 
14% worm , a 
history deleter (3 days) or an 
algoto get hold of.

So you have the opportunity to get hold of things very early on that are actually still inaccessible to you in terms of money.

Epic Packages

The most coveted package is really epic with a drop chance of 0.1%, but the content also pushes you forward.

Here are 5k 
BB , 5 random 
algos or 3 
remote log deleters for you.

With the next values ​​we also have to dive into the different game systems.

target analyzer "TA" now gives us a deeper insight into the enemy. 
The time of the 
backtrace "BT"is displayed as the first value. 
As the level increases, the level of the 
antivirus "AV" appears and what I personally find very nice the online status.

This nice tool is the starting point for many nice tactical games. However, I see it as a secondary value and not useless, as it is currently often used in the The only thing missing is content-related playful elements, which require more caution from everyone and where consequences follow. I'm already looking forward to the effect of the FBI. This should change a lot in the strategy of many.

The espionage skills of some players will surely be welcome soon

, and it doesn't help a valuable cool down at the 
FSSto waste when you get these values ​​displayed.

"AV" antivirus has meanwhile gained crucial importance.

It is the only instance that protects you in case of doubt against the loss of IPs, other viruses and now also against the theft of apps and packages. 
In addition, in the event of a successful attack on you with a cold miner, it prevents the attacker from getting all of your money. 
Part of your hard-won HC will be kept as a reserve for you. 
AV plays 
such a big role, especially in the offensive area.

I recommend you check out the 
AV before anyone
to be scanned. 
So you might catch a virus that damages you the next time you log in. 
If possible, you should also have 
AV scanned 
before each loot of the 
miner . 
In connection with the 
AV , the 
code reassembler "CR" should of 
course also 
be mentioned. 
This tool now occupies a not entirely unimportant place in the game. 
At least if you want to generate the income via worms or add an effective log and / or history deleter. 
We also have two values ​​in the description. 
from which we can calculate the percentage chance of survival. 
If the level is identical, the attacker has an advantage because the virus survives the scan with 100%.

If your "CR" only corresponds to 80% of the "AV" of the target, then you only have a 50% chance.

The course 
appears to be linear, but this can only be determined exactly after another known value. 
The drop in the survival rate seems to me to be more logical than an exponential and / or sine / cosine function with limit values 
: mrgreen:

"CR" / "AV" percentage chance of survival
100% 100%

95% 87.5%

90% 75%

85% 62.5%

80% 50%

75% 37,

70% 25% [/ i]

Rumor has it that there is still a small chance (1% would be realistic, for example) for the 
AV to detect and delete 
the virus / worm even with a higher 
CR .

The new 
FS scanner "FSS" is a stylish new tool that allows us as attackers to steal IP-bound apps and packages from our targets. 
However, it is not that simple either. 
Here it is now again 
to look 
at the 
AV of the goal, for which the 
TA now has a meaningful task. 
In this way you avoid wasting the valuable cooldown of 60 minutes.

FSS must be at least 90% of the amount of
AV of the opponent. 
Only then do you have a chance to scan successfully.

Of these scans, there is an 80% chance of completing them successfully. 
If the scan is successful, it is possible to steal 2% unopened packages and 0.5% random apps.

Since the tool is still very new, the experience is still quite limited. 
Here every player starts at 0.

password cracker "PWC" is a clear value of the offensive 
This is decisive for the cracking time, which can be reduced to 3 seconds.

The antivirus 
AV currently protects part of the HC if you are hacked and scans your gateway for malware. 
At least what is in the achievable range based on the
CR of the attacker.

It also protects you from losing packages and apps with the 

The defensive values ​​are the 
firewall "FW" and the 
back-tracing tool "BT" .

FW makes it difficult for the 
PWC to crack your password. 
Reduces the trace time for your attackers and increases the time your opponent is allowed to sit on the penalty bench / blacklist.

BT shortens the trace time. 
The abbreviation 
BT is also often used to mean the time. 
But I am sure you will recognize from the context in which meaning this is used.

For me, these facts result in 3 ideal basic game interpretations that should also be divided between a guild. 
With a further value you can also establish mixed classes in between.

The leader and co-leader should play defensively and generate their daily income through old and abandoned accounts. 
So they are not in the current focus of the active players. 
However, should it happen that the IP is leaked, it is not possible for most of them to steal the guild data. 
The transfer time is too long.

However, the key goes relatively quickly and therefore the greater caution is on the Co, from this point of view.

The remaining places would therefore be occupied by the offensive and semi-off players.

Every beginning is difficult

The first time chopping will be rather secondary.

You should concentrate on having the hardware as high as possible before the first hack (especially the CPU) and laying the foundations in the software.

You will gain your first experience in the tutorial missions. 
Here you will copy, decrypt and edit files. 
Sounds more exciting now than it is, but the effect of copying a history deleter is fun later. 
: mrgreen:
you have reached 
the 500 
rep , you should hack very cautiously. 
Play in your little capsule and be like a ghost. 
From then on, at least CPU, RAM and Internet connection should be max and you can slowly trust yourself further into the big world.

The top rule for you is to remain undetected and avoid 
ending up on the 
costs .

Your priority list should look like this!

Never end up on the blacklist!

Delete your IP!

Complete the task.

Loote the miner.

As you can see, there is no excuse for the first two points, apart from server or connection problems.

If necessary, you can try the other two points again in 1 hour.

Use this phase up to around 1,000 rep to get a feeling of which player should I have a bounce connection and who can I work with a direct connection. 
Details are already described in my other post. 
In the best case, you will reach the second ip-changer with a minimal IP distribution.

OK, with this security behind us, we can continue to proceed more aggressively. 
When hacking, pay particular attention to the time you have available in the gateway.

If you have more than 12 seconds, you can use worms. 
This saves you a lot of manual farming by other hackers and increases your security. 
However, you should have an IP list of at least 30-40 
active players working for you.

So far you have laid the foundations in the software. 
However, follow the instructions later when using the worms.

How extreme you set the characteristics of a class at the beginning, I leave up to you. 
From here on, however, you should specifically expand the software. 
The AI ​​has certainly already rewarded one or the other with a little something.

By 1,500 you should have clearly worked out the alignment and be able to assess relatively well who is how difficult to hack. 
You have surely noticed that with increasing 
rep the assessment of the degree of difficulty has less and less meaningfulness. 
That already results from my classification, but most players will by and large keep the software at the same level.

This point makes you clearly superior to these players, because you have not yet focused 
on farming 
rep .

In addition, even the targeted specialization should already bring you noticeable advantages. 
Unfortunately, it takes longer for the dear defenders. 
You need a lot of patience and shrewdness to move undetected through the gateways. 
Even if you are not yet going to bear any responsibility as a leader or co-leader, this exercise cannot hurt. 
This is the only way to instinctively react correctly in critical moments.

Now (1,500-1,700 rep) it is time to really test you to the maximum and 
also aggressively access 
REP from other hackers. 
Try to delay the first IP change until after this phase.

A couple of hacks a day, their damage (loss of 
HC and 
Rep) You can intercept again, however, should not bother you too much. 
Show activity and stay cool.

Currently I have left the orientation values ​​of the 
rep as they were before the update. 
However, I assume that these will shift backwards by around 500. 
So do not be unsure if you are a little behind these values. 
On the contrary, the less you appear in the first phase of hardware expansion, the better it is for you, because you don't need to share the HC.


WDevery player is recommended to use it as soon as the income is secured. 
For active players it is even theoretically a loot protector. 
Since the tool warns you at the beginning of cracking (experience from tests / according to the description at connect), in the worse case you have to empty the miners for 4 seconds. 
So you can protect yourself from robbery even without a guild, provided the IP has been leaked.

You are only lootable as a member of a guild from a miner fill level of 1% or 3%.

This is especially important for the off-players and virus docs.

It is important for the deff specialist to perceive otherwise unnoticed access and, if necessary, to identify the attacker. 
This of course also applies to the other two classes.

By reporting from 
WDyou can also 
some panic and / or 1.9 million 
HC from the attacker.

Deletes the IP from the log before he sees it.

You are now wondering why do the attacker do the work for them ?!

Yes, once you know the IP has been deleted it's work to decrease. 
But if he hacks directly, everyone wants to delete his IP and he will surely spend some time in the log looking for the IP. 
Should he then disconcert, the doubt remains. 
It could have been a lag and the IP is still stored. 
In order to have absolute security he will then buy NEN ALDI from the shop for 1.9 million HC.

The result of his attack looks like this in the best case for you:

You have a new IP.

You haven't lost anything.

He couldn't copy anything because he was busy with the lie 
: mrgreen:

He has spent another 1.9 million HC.

Ideally, it even ended up with you at 
BL .

From a purely psychological point of view, the attacker will think twice the next time. 
Now it's just a matter of how much stamina / ability the attacker has. 
Especially at the beginning you should show activity when IP leaks and keep the miners "hot" as permanently as possible.

Viruses and worms

Slowly it is time to write a separate part for the virtual vermin. 
: mrgreen:

Basically every piece of malware is 
into the 
etc / bin of the target and has an expiry time that starts to tick from the moment it is purchased.

You can find two different types of viruses in the shop. 
visible ones with the blue biohazard symbol and the 
invisible ones with the orange biohazard symbol.

log deleterclears the target's log when the target logs in.

Quite a simple function.

The pure copy time is 10 s.

history deleter deletes the IP list of the target when the target logs in.

Here you can see the difference between the species, because this is duplicated.

This effect is very annoying at first, but since the IPs of the active players change very quickly anyway,

it is only half as wild.

The pure copy time is 10 s.

worm collects 7 or 14% of the miner's loot from the target itself over a period of 5 or 14 days.

Only the player's loot is counted here and no other hackers.

So only place these in active players so that you get maximum benefit. 
The limit here is set by the 
AV from the point of view of the defender or the 
CR from the point of view of the attacker. 
Another block is set by the system itself. 
There can be a maximum of 10 copies of the worm in each folder.

The pure copy time is 10 s.

Wanna Cry Worm is basically also a worm that collects 5% of the miner's loot from the target itself over a period of 10 days, but with a special function. 
The spread of the virus is simplified and it is thus also possible for guild leaders and co-leaders to get the required 
HC without 
a great risk.

wannaautomatically copies itself to the attacking hackers. 
So this is a snowball effect that, if ideally decayed, should reach almost all players. 
The limit here is set by the 
AV from the point of view of the defender or the 
CR from the point of view of the attacker. 
Another block is set by the system itself. 
A maximum of 11 copies of the 
Wanna Cry Worms can exist 
per folder 
It does not matter whether it is a transferred copy or a directly transplanted virus. 
Dev has now prevented a direct self-infection. 
Don't worry, if in doubt, read this paragraph several times, because there is still a way to immunize yourself. 
: mrgreen:
The pure copy time is 10 s.

I hope this little first introduction helps you in the game and we finally get up in the statistics. 
As with the other guides, I look forward to stimulating questions and / or points that you still have on your mind. 
So I'll make a few house calls now and hope for many algos. 
: mrgreen:

Your Doc